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End of lease

All Areas

Light Tidy up

Cobweb Removal

Empty Bins

Dust Skirting Boards/Window Sills/Doors

Dust/Clean Doors

Clean Accessible Light Switches/Power Points

Dust All Reachable Surfaces

Dust/Clean Mirrors

Air Freshen/Deodorise (optional)

Vacuum/Mop All Accessible Floors

Wipe Skirting Boards/Window Sills/Doors

Lightly Dust Blinds

Vacuum/Wipe visible window tracks/sills

Inside All Drawers/Cabinets


Scrub/Clean Bath

Scrub/Clean Shower

Scrub/Clean Sinks

Wipe Down Benches

Clean Mirrors

Clean/Polish Tapware and Chrome

Wipe Down Cupboards (exterior)

Empty Bins

Clean/Disinfect Toilet

Scrub Wall Tiles/Grout

Clean Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Inside All Drawers/Cabinets


Clean Stovetop

Clean Rangehood (exterior)

Clean/Wipe All Bench tops

Clean Splash back

Clean/Polish Tapware

Scub/Clean Sink

Clean Cupboards (exterior)

Polish Stainless Steel Surfaces

Dust All Surfaces

Clean Underside of Rangehood

Clean Exhaust Fans/Filters

Remove Food and Wipe Inside Dishwasher

Inside Oven

Inside All Drawers/Cabinets

Bedrooms/Living Areas

Dust/Wipe All Surfaces

Inside All Drawers/Cabinets

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